About us

We; Antoni and David have founded Nomad Experts with the idea to connect talented developers with companies that need their expertise and vice versa.

We are software developers and have been working remotely ourselves, with our experience we saw a lot of opportunities for making remote work accessible for office-based companies. Although it is becoming more common for companies to hire remote workers, they many times miss the right approach to make it a successful collaboration.

With our experience we decided to help companies improve this way of working while at the same time helping talented software developers getting the acknowledgement and reward they deserve.

As we saw many of our friends struggling with the insecurity of being a freelancer, we came up with the idea to provide local contracts with the social and financial security of the country that they are located in. Besides that, we want developers to be able to discover their own skills by offering them training in the field of interest that they choose. Our vision is that by empowering talent you provide companies with motivated and more productive employees.

We believe that remote work is the concept for the future.