Our collaboration plan for hiring a remote colleague

Have you ever considered hiring a remote worker, but you don’t know where to find the right profile or how to incorporate them into your team over a distance? We can help you with this.1

We founded Nomad Experts being remote software developers ourselves, we do research on the social aspects of remote work and use our own experience in providing your company with the right methods for an optimal collaboration.

With our collaboration plan we offer guidance on creating a remote ready working environment with some minor adaptations to the infrastructure of your company. By applying the right working methodology such as SCRUM and the right communication tools (e.g. slack, google meet, JIRA, luchidchart etc.) we believe that a remote worker can be as much part of your team as an office-based colleague.

We help the remote colleague integrate smoothly within the office-based team and provide the remote worker with financial security and training. By offering the remote worker the reward he deserves we believe that we create a strong foundation for a loyal and long-term relationship. With research on the social aspects of remote work and following the collaboration closely we attempt to improve this new way of working on the long run.

We provide your company with:

1. Talent

We provide you with the knowledge your company is looking for; talent is location independent and so we broaden your scope search of accessible talent.

2. Contract facilitation

We provide the remote worker with a contract of the country he/she is located in; this comes with the social and financial security of that country. This means no freelance invoicing from your part.

3. Guidance and advice

1. The integration process; we guide you in the first month of hiring for a smooth onboarding. The first two weeks the remote worker will spend working in the office with your team for a better communication and relationship in the remote time following.

2. The communication tools; we give advice on using the right communication tools for a remote friendly setting; Jira, Luchidchart, google meet, and for what tasks to use them for.

3. The working methodology; we guide you in adapting your existing working methodology in a remote friendly way. We believe that SCRUM when used in the right manner and with the right communication tools is very successful to connect an office-based team with a remote worker in a virtual team.
We strive to for the least possible adaptations to the existing infrastructure and working methodology of your company. Prior to the collaboration we research if it is for both parties manageable to do this.

4. Creativity

Your remote colleague has his own network of colleagues outside your company, he gets in touch with new ideas and brings that creativity back into your company.

5. Long term relationship

We strive for a solid and long term-relationship between you and the remote worker

6. Remote team

As a scale-up option we can set up a remote team for your company if you are interested in hiring more than one remote colleague.


This diagram demonstrates how your remote colleague is connected with your office-based company through a virtual team. We can also set up an entire remote team for you and connect them to your office-based company. On the part of the remote colleague we offer them training, financial security, a personal network, let them discover new skills and most importantly we look at their personal fingerprint and don’t treat them as a number.

1 If you are interested in hiring more than one remote colleague and need a remote team, we are able to set that up for you.