Hello future nomad expert!

We know that being a freelancer, especially when working remotely, can be very stressful and insecure. Having many years of experience as remote software developers ourselves, and dealing with this insecure position, we founded Nomad Experts as a counter reaction to the uncertain working environment of temporary contractors.

We believe in the concept of remote work; despite the distance a talented software developer like yourself deserves as much recognition and reward as your competitors that are office-based. It is our mission to connect that talent to companies without the distance being a barrier and providing you with the security you deserve. In order to build a relationship of trust, we prioritize on creating a clear communication between you and your office-based team by guiding you in the integration process. The first weeks after the onboarding you physically spend around two weeks working closely with your colleagues in the office in order to understand the organizational hierarchy and to improve the communication before the remote take-off.

By focusing on your personal needs for self-development and providing you with a secure contract with the social and financial facilities of the country you are located in, we believe you become a happier and motivated remote worker.

How do we help you?

1. Financial security/contract

We arrange local contracts, e.g.; if you are Portuguese and will work from Portugal remotely for a Dutch company you get the benefits of your own country. This means that you get the social and financial security that you would also get as a contractor for a Portuguese company. In case of unemployment or illness the Portuguese law and insurance will be applied.

2. Career path guidance/discover talent

We focus on your personal development; whatever topic inspires or motivates you we will advise you in taking the right steps in order to develop yourself.

3. Training

We offer online trainings so you can keep updated with new technologies and software and improve your skills.

4. Personal fingerprint/human aspect

We look at your personal needs, every remote worker is different and therefore we don’t have a standard procedure. We guide you on your personal path and don’t treat you as a number.

5. Personal network

Remote working can be challenging; working from home or a public place can be socially isolating since you don’t have physical colleagues. Research proves that by surrounding yourself with inspiring people and overcoming isolation you become a more productive and motivated person. Self-development is also for a big percentage dependent on the people you surround yourself with. Therefore, we help you find a network of other remote colleagues in the area that you work in; this way you can inspire each other, discover new skills, share knowledge, and of course have a coffee/lunchbreak partner.


This diagram demonstrates how you as a remote worker are connected to the office-based company within a virtual team; using the right communication tools and working methodology.

We support your learning path

Knowledge is at the core of our company

“Nosce te ipsum”

The JavaScript ecosystem has experienced a massive growth in the last decade, going from being one of the core technologies of the World Wide Web to, thanks to Node, being written and run everywhere. This opened the door for many new possibilities: command line tools, server side scripting, data science, machine learning, internet of things…

At Nomad Experts we believe this ecosystem is vast enough to empower and inspire any developer to create beautiful and modern applications. Do you feel a piece is missing ? then use one of our Hackaton days to create it !


Inspiring environments

What surrounds you shapes your abilities for better or for worse. Learn with us how to get the best out of your skills.

Feel the


No commutes, no traffic jam, no missed trains. Work at the time slots of the day when you are more productive. Enjoy working anywhere. Explore, you are free.